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Why Digital Transformation?

Save Time

Save time by leveraging the power of automation, allowing you to empower your staff to do more of the important stuff. 


With your business being in the cloud, it will allow you to work and manage your business from anywhere in the world. 

Save Money

You will be able to save on thousands of dollars of labour costs by using digital tools & platforms in your business. 

More Analytics

Have more data at your finger-tips to allow for greater digital marketing strategies, and to make more informed decisions on what your customer's needs are. 


Does This Sound Like You?

  • You are just starting your business and have no idea what digital tools to use.
  • You've never done any digital marketing before.
  • You've been relying on good ole' Microsoft Word, paper, and printers for too long now.
  • There's a fear of change within the business.
  • You want to improve your customer's experience when engaging with your business. 
  • You're wanting to see how leveraging digital tools will help make your business more efficient.
  • You want to try and consolidate some of your current existing systems, and make way for new systems. 
  • You are trying to offer a new product.

If it does, then you need Digital Transformation. 


“The biggest part of our digital transformation is changing the way we think.” — Simeon Preston, Bupa

Here are some use-cases for Digital Transformation

We helped a commercial cleaning company digitise all their training, and connect HR software to automate on-boarding.

We sourced, built and deployed a new digital LMS which took all paper based training to the cloud, allowing for proper analytics, reporting and peace of mind during audits. We also automated the process of on-boarding employees when they are put into the HR platform being used.

We helped a wedding videography brand track leads more efficiently, and vastly improved team communication.

We deployed a project management system, new communication tools, and set-up automation to manage leads more efficiently. We helped improve communication between the videographers and the head office team to better secure bookings, and manage time.

Automated reporting for a coffee roastery's digital marketing campaigns.

We connected Facebook & Instagram ads to a digital platform that allows for staff to see at any-time live statistics for their ads that are running for the month. Simple and easy to access, saving time for an agency to create ad reports for the client.

Strategised a new video delivery workflow for a travel agency in Japan

We created a new digital delivery platform for a travel agency to receive and give feedback regular videos that they were creating for various clients. Vastly sped up the turn around time for getting changes to the video creators, and delivering on the final products.

Rethinking Digital
Our Service
Now that customers are online more than ever, its crucial to be on the front foot when it comes to your customer journey.

It doesn't matter what business you're in these days, using digital tools and platforms to make your customers experience what they expect it to be, is the way of the future. Whether you are selling a service, an e-commerce platform, you work in construction or you're a cleaning company - digital transformation will be key for you to stay relevant in this rapidly changing digital ecosystem. 

We are helping clients & brands adapt to this ever-changing digital landscape. Find out how we can help your business use digital tools, marketing, and platforms to grow and ultimately become more efficient and profitable. 

Digital Transformation

Here are some of the things you can do once you go through the digital transformation process: 

  • Save time by using powerful cloud based digital tools to cut out certain processes. 
  • Leverage the invaluable process of automation, making digital tools and platforms talk to each other to make tasks self-executing.
  • Be able to focus on the more important tasks of running your business, rather than worrying about the core processes that run the business. 
  • Manage your leads in a more centralised way, and be able to use these new digital tools to easily create marketing campaigns in the future. 
  • Automate certain payroll functions, manage employees, and have automated emailing & on-boarding at the click of a button. 
  • Reimagine your sales process to generated more leads.
  • Drive online sales through establishing e-commerce channels, and compliment this with other digital tools to automate certain functions.

Our Digital Transformation Workflow

  • 1. Discovery Phase.

    Analysis of your business and existing digital ecosystem, to understand what could be improved.

  • 2. Research Phase.

    We observe and identify key characters of your industry, and look for workflows and tools that would help transform your business.

  • 3. Strategy Phase.

    We propose to you a digital strategy which will show how to the new tools and strategies can be used to make your business more efficient.

  • 4. Implementation Phase.

    We put into action our digital transformation strategy and put the right systems in place.

  • 5. Support & Training Phase.

    We will provide training on how to use your new tools and systems, as well as provide support to make sure things keep running smoothly for you.

Brands & Organisations We'ved Helped

Other Services
Video Production

Our bread and butter from the beginning, we are a highly experienced video production team, having created content for many different brands and businesses over the years. As video is consumed more and more online, this is a perfect service to complement digital marketing and transformation.

Digital Marketing

We are an experienced digital marketing agency, having helped businesses capture more leads, and drive more sales. This can be complementary to your digital transformation strategy. 

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